Zhoushan Municipal is the first city that established by island city in China. Zhoushan Archipelago is situated on the southeast of the East China Sea and west bank of north pacific ocean, and the center of continent of coastline, also to the south of the mouth of Yangtzer Riverat the bay of Hangzhou. Covering a total surface area of 22,200 square kilometers and the population is one million. The whole city is composed of 1390 islands, and boasts of more than 270 kilometers deep water coastline.

The city hall is located in the Xincheng new area, with Dinghai, Putuo two districts and Daishan, Shengsi two counties affiliate to the island city.

Zhoushan Archipelago is situated in the center of continent of coastline, geographical coordinates are east longitude of 121°„30°š°™123°„25°š, north latitude of 29°„32°š-31°„04°šcovering a total surface area of 22,200 square kilometers, and of which is 1,440 square kilometers islands surface area.

Zhoushan city is affiliated to Zhejiang province, backs on the vast field composed of Shanghai ,Hangchou, Ningbo and so on. Due to the advantageous location , Zhoushan, as the waterway intersection hub of north-south coastal route and Yangtze river, as well as the door for Yangze River Basin and Yangze River Delta to come to the world, which tadiates the 500 mile equidistance fan shipping network with Busan, Nagasaki, Kaohsiung, Hong kong and Singapore, which are core ports in the northeast Asia and the western Pacific region.

Zhoushan has three unique advantages of fishery, harbors and tourism. Besides, it wins the reputations of the fishing capital of China and fish storehouse in East China Sea. Zhoushan is unique and renowned for numerous harbors and bays, crossing seaways, deep water and flat waves, thus is one of the natural deep water ports in our country that can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Zhoushan tourism features Integrating ocean culture and Buddha culture, possessinf many interests of place like Mount Putuo, Shengsi isles, and make a picturesque view of °įthousand-island city°Ī.