The climate in Zhoushan is the type of oceanic monsoon on the flank of sub-trop, the whole islands is characterized by significant monsoon, warm winters and cool summers and adequate sunshine. Annual average temperature is about 16 with a light fluctuation, and the hottest days appear in August, with average temperature 25.8-28.0, while the coldest days cone in January, with average temperature 5.2-5.9.

The annual amount of precipitation in Zhoushan is about 927-1920 mm, annual average sunshine is between 1941-2257 hours, total amount of solar radiation is about 4126-4598 per square meter of Bajaur, and frost-free period is about 251-303 days, all of which are suitable for biotic communities to reproducing and growing, as well as so better for the development of fishery and agriculture yields. The air of Zhoushan has strongly capacity of natural self-purified and the day-night temperature fluctuation id light. Due to the uncertainty of monsoon, typhoon is prone to occur at the time of summer and autumn, while strong wind in winter.