Zhoushan comes from sea and flourishes by sea. The special geographical environment and local lifestyle create the splendid marine culture and Buddha Guanyin culture.

Over the past 5000 years, Zhoushan people live and cultivate on this rich and fertile marine meadow, created splendid fishing culture. Original fisherman¡¯s singings, expressive and unrestrained Zhoushan Gongs and drums, blessing thanksgiving to marine, Fisherman¡¯s painting known as ¡°Oriental Picasso¡± are initiated here, which reflect Zhoushan people¡¯s lifestyles, hard-working, wisdom, arts.

Buddha Guanyin Culture is another distinguished characteristic of Zhoushan culture, the The holy land of Buddhist Mount Putuo, theGuanyin Bodhisattva site of Guanyin, known as the Buddha kingdom on the sea and Nan Hai holy land, along with Jiuhua Mountain, Emei Mountain, Wutai Mountain is listed as one of the four China Buddhist Mountains. Religious activities in Mount Putuo date back to Qin Dynasty. To the date of Tang Dyanasty, when the silk road on the sea prospered, and boost the Guanyin site of Mount Putuo and quickly became the center of Han Buddha religon, stretched to Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea. Mount Putuo came to being of three maintemples, 88 zen halls ,128 cogongrass houses, and coupled with monks and nuns, all of which worship Guanyin regardless of the size. On Feb. 19th, June 19th and Sep. 19th, the famous and important ceremonies of Guanyin¡¯s birth, Believing in Buddhism, obtaining the Buddha-hood, people surges into Mount Putuo with incenses enshrounding.