Zhoushan Over-sea Bridges
Zhoushan Over-sea Bridges start from Yadanshan part of 329 national road in Zhoushan Main Island, via Lidiao Lsland, Fuchi Island, Chezi Island, and Jintang Island to Zhenghai District of Ningbo City, connecting with Ningbo Belt expressway and Hangzhou Bay Bridge, crossing four islands, turning over nine valleys, passing through two tunnels, which is invested overpass 10 billion. Zhoushan Over-sea Bridges totally completed composing of five bridges, such as Cengang, Xiaojiaomen, Taoyaomen, Xihoumen and Jintang, etc. It is about 48 km long, and road base is 22.5 meters wide, bridge and culvert is as wide as the road base, and the Bridge is subjected to the design standard of first-degree, four-lane in two-way, the top speed limited 100 km per hour, especially the long-span of many bridges enters top ten in the world, thereinto, the ultra-large scale cross-sea bridge axle beam of Xihoumen Bridge is subjected to the most high technical requirement in the five crossing bridges of Zhoushan Continent Linking Bridge, the main bridge is made up of two-span continuous steel box girder suspension bridge, main crossing span 1,650 meters, also is the longest crossing span steel box girder suspension bridge in the world recently, and top one of the nation and top two of the world in the total length of suspension bridges, but the length of steel box suspended cables occupy the top one in the world.

Zhoushan Continent Linking Bridge is expected to opened in the end of 2009, which is linking to the Hangzhou Bay grand waterway and make the deep chasm turned into a thoroughfare of Zhoushan and Continent.