Helicopter transportation
The transportation between Zhoushan main Island and the other islands is relying on the passenger boats. There are public shuttle buses or tour special highroad line buses on the Mount Putuo, Daishan, Shengsi, Qushan, Taohua Island and so on. The four counties and districts have island to island transporting center respective.

”ńZhoushan Harbor Dinghai Passenger Station runs lines of Jintang and Liuheng.

”ńZhoushan Tongda Sea Transporting Sanjiang Station runs lines of Daishan, Xiushan and Shengsi.

”ńZhoushan Harbor Shenjiamen Passenger Station runs lines between Banshengdong Dock and Mount Putuo.

”ńShenjiamen Duntou Passenger Station runs lines to Taohua, Liuheng, Mayi and Shengsi.